August 9

The Vision | Veteran Healing Through Nature & Community Podcast


In this first episode, Guardian Grange founder, Mark Matzeldelaflor, discusses his life's path from early childhood to becoming a Navy SEAL. Topics discusses include combat experience, dealing with the tragedy of suicide and veterans mental health issues, experience with earth based sacraments (or entheogens, often referred to as psychedelics or "hallucinogens" with undeserving stigma) and reigniting his fire for life which lead him to begin the Guardian Grange nonprofit mission facilitating veteran healing through working in nature... find out why Mark has dedicated his life to serve in a new way by building a regenerative permaculture network for local food sovereignty and decentralized, community-focused infrastructure for what he calls the soil-based economy... 

This podcast dives into the Guardian Grange vision, and accomplishments so far... where we're going, and how you can assist.

Our mission at Guardian Grange is to uplift veterans, protect nature's resources and strengthen communities through humanitarian and environmental services dedicated to repurposing veterans’ skillsets for regenerative agriculture, holistic land management, rehabilitating public building projects, repairing ecological damage, and transforming distressed land into healthy ecosystems. By connecting to nature in a community setting to do good works, veterans can reignite passion and rediscover purpose to lead communities through service, protecting the land and people in new and honorable ways. 


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