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Guardian Grange is committed to improving the lives of veterans and local communities by bringing people together around a like-hearted vision to regenerate our environment, each other, and society with passion and purpose for a brighter future!

Supporting Veterans Transition Into Environmental Stewardship

Veterans have a track record of service, yet are too often discarded by a confused society that doesn’t understand how to effectively translate military combat experience into skills that improve communities and heal trauma. By investing energy, resources & time back into our veterans and repurposing them with the skills to enhance the environment and local communities, Guardian Grange is growing an unparalleled force for environmental regeneration, and positive human transformation.

Healing Individuals & Communities

We connect at a heart-centered human level to do the necessary work which bypasses ideological barriers and heals the root cause of trauma. By forging new friendships and expanding gratitude within ourselves to be shared with our fellow humans, we become catalysts for positive transformation. We provide support, community, and resources to improve mental health, emotional intelligence, and spiritual growth which benefits individuals, communities and humanity. 

Hard Work and Honest Impact

We have the grit, determination, and the will to improve the world with the compassion and presence of mind to focus locally where our effort can make the greatest impact. We believe that without connecting individuals and empowering communities through honest, humble and honorable work at the local level, all the theories and discussions on how to solve the various problems we face in modern society will continue to be swallowed by divisive chaos. We are here without any pride of ego to humbly serve and create a brighter future for our families, our communities, ourselves and the generations to come.

Like all great pursuits, this vision depends on a strong community fueled by like-hearted purpose. We are establishing and growing relationships with individuals, communities, strategic allies and financial partners who are motivated to help grow the soil-based economy and nurture Guardian Grange into an unstoppable healing force of nature. If you feel this vision resonate within your heart, please consider this your formal invitation to join, in any way you can, and help manifest the Guardian Grange vision.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Guardian Grange Founder &

US Navy SEAL Combat Veteran


Every Dollar Donated to Guardian Grange Makes Sense.


Seeds the Guardian Grange soil to help veterans heal, empower communities by creating locally regenerative food systems, and build an army of environmental warrior stewards to grow the infrastructure for a soil-based economy.


Helps us empower veterans to expand their service as community leaders bringing regenerative agriculture & environmental restoration practices into communities, while being ambassadors for improved mental health and emotional connection.


Supports the creation of educational programs, media and materials to share knowledge and expand our movement by reaching veterans and inspiring compassionate community members to connect and grow healthy, thriving environmentally regenerative communities.


Grants us the opportunity to provide scholarships to veterans and volunteers furthering their education in support of Guardian Grange programs that contribute to veteran healing, environmental stewardship & community building because the more skilled members we have on board, the more efficiently we can spread seeds and nurture the soil-based economy.


Helps fund community events that create connection, and provide healing, training, and resources to transform trauma and struggle into gratitude and renewed sense of purpose. Our events are critical to helping us build an Environmental Regeneration Corps that will enable a powerful force for massive positive transformation for at-risk ecosystems, individuals, and the spirit of our humanity.

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The intention of our work is to create positive conscious shifts in society through impactful work at the community level. Our focus is to help veterans heal through environmental restoration, regeneration and local community service — spreading good energy in a humble way. Your generous support is greatly appreciated because the impact of our work grows with the help of your generous donations.

If you feel our message resonate within your heart, please consider supporting Guardian Grange, and help us do the hard work necessary to create massive positive transformations. It requires tremendous effort from strong and humble humans to do the honest work necessary, and Guardian Grange will continue to show up and serve with your support. Your donation will make a real impact in the lives of veterans, support our community volunteers, and fuel the spirit of our organization to spread goodwill. 

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Guardian Grange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to protect natural resources, strengthen communities and uplift veterans by inspiring human connection and regeneration to create the infrastructure for soil-based economy that grows synergistically in balance with nature and compassion for humanity. Your donation supports our efforts through stewardship programs, workshops, media communications, community building, restoration and regeneration. Contributions are tax deductible. 

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