December 11

Sleep Crisis and Restful Health Recovery with Robert Sweetman


Lack of deep, restful sleep is a major crisis among the military and veteran community which too often throws medication at the symptoms leading to a growing list of problems. Mark's friend and fellow SEAL veteran, Robert Sweetman, jumps on this episode to discuss the sleep inadequacy issue that affects so many, and shares a wealth of knowledge that anyone can use, along with his non-medicated, empowering approach with the Sixty Two Romeo mission to improve veteran's mental health through sleep.

This is an interesting and empowering episode not only for veterans, but for all people who suffer daily from a lack of sleep leading to grogginess and energy crashes which are too often covered up with caffeine by day and sleep medications by night.

Join us on this podcast, and get motivated to take back the rest you deserve with a more holistic understanding of why sleep issues persist and a natural trajectory toward recovery.


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