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Rock Therapy

By Mark Matzeldelaflor

This is what I like to call rock therapy (see Instagram video above)…

Repairing erosion zones by moving boulders and other rocks into simple yet creative bowl shapes that catch sediment and grow natural root structures with native plants.

This method is not only great for rebuilding the natural landscape, it’s also pretty awesome at bringing people together and using our human creativity and power to rebuild ourselves and each other.

Modern life has created a sort of cultural amnesia throughout humanity, but simple work such as this rock therapy can manifest epiphanic moments to remind us that there is much more to being a human on this earth than convenience and instant gratification.

Working with nature’s process is slow, steady, transformative, and requires hard work but it’s always beautiful through the lens of gratitude for being here.

Thanks to Fred Phillips Consulting for showing us how to roll

And thanks to Big T (walks in for a cameo at the end of the Instagram Video above) for showing up from the land down under to move some massive rocks like with us!


Mark Matzeldelaflor

About the author

Founder of Guardian Grange, a veteran-powered regeneration network established to strengthen communities, protect natural resources, and facilitate veteran healing through environmental stewardship and regenerative agriculture. His vision is growing a decentralized network of permaculture communities to create a soil-based economy that benefits humanity and our natural environments with local community action inspired by a holistic ecological perspective.


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Rock Therapy

Rock Therapy
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