Regenerative Veteran Farming Program

Reignite your passion to serve with a rewarding career in regenerative agriculture!

Are you a veteran who’s ready to transition your military skills into a life sustaining vocation that supports your local community? Learn the art and science of regenerative farming with Guardian Grange and Azuluna Farms. Our Regenerative Veteran Farming Program will prepare you for a successful career with growing entrepreneurial opportunities in regenerative agriculture.

Guardian Grange & Azuluna Farms partnership

Program Highlights

  • Paid 
  • Flexible
  • Learn from experts
  • 6-8 months Minimum
  • Lodging and meals provided
  • Outdoor learning environment
  • Hands on training and experience
  • Opportunities to gain academic degree


  • Build yourself into a humble leader & help drive regenerative community development as a representative and steward of Guardian Grange’s Veteran-Powered Regeneration Network.
  • Gain experience for the future of farming while supporting Azuluna’s cutting edge vertically integrated food model that creates healthy individuals, stronger communities and a more sustainable planet through regenerative agriculture. 
  • Connect with a positive community of veterans who are improving themselves through Guardian Grange’s fellowship, mentoring, events and growing opportunities.
  • Improve mental health by working in connection with the land, animals, agriculture, and people motivated to improve the conscious soil of our society.

Immersive Learning

  • Learn through personalized, hands-on experience assisting Azuluna Hub & Spoke farming operations, building out facilities, operating specialized equipment for regenerative farming, and exposure to various Food Service and Food Manufacturing roles. 
  • Accelerate your knowledge and experience working with Azuluna’s comprehensive network of industry professionals and experts.
  • Receive support from fellow veterans who hold ourselves accountable for improving our communities through a continuation of service ensuring that people have access to healthy food produced in a manner that promotes the ecological wellness of our environment.


  • Guardian Grange’s Regenerative Veteran Farming Program is located at Woodstock Sustainable Farm — Azuluna’s 200-acre, flagship hub farm in Woodstock, Connecticut. 
  • The farm crowns a luscious and scenic hilltop brimming with green pastures by day and sprinkled with starry night skies.
  • The historic 1700s “old world” New England farm has a magic and tranquility to serve as an ideal backdrop to host the Guardian Grange Regenerative Farming Program.

On-the-Job Training Opportunities Include:

  • CDL Driving & Transportation
  • Use & Maintenance of Machinery & Equipment 
  • Farmhouse Events Management & Marketing
  • Livestock Management
  • Carpentry
  • Produce, Gardens & Landscape Management


To apply for the Regenerative Veteran Farming Program please complete the form below. We are now accepting applications for currently available positions.

For more information, please complete the application form below. In addition to completing the application, interested students will be required to submit a resume along with a copy of their DD-214 so please ensure that you have those available to send with your application.


*All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity or handicap.

Concurrent Academic Pathways Available:

Johnson & Wales University

Sustainable Food Systems Degree explores food system design, agriculture, and research in supply chains, nutrition, science, and food policy.

Tufts University

From Sustainable Agriculture to the Future of Food And Nutrition, Tufts offers Degree Programs, Online Graduate Courses & Certificates 

*Programs accessible through GI Bill & VA Vocational Rehabilitation. Inquire during the Regenerative Veteran Farming Program application process if you are interested.


Support Guardian Grange’s Regenerative Veteran Farming Program, and our non-profit initiative to improve veteran mental health through a deepened connection with nature, and regenerative agriculture job creation for veterans. Through this program of experiential education, we are empowering veterans to help build and support the Regenerative Agriculture & Food and Nutritional Security Marketplaces while expanding consciousness with responsible stewardship practices that increase the health and sustainability of our local environments..

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  • Help us improve veteran mental health through deepened connection with the land, animals, and economic opportunity through regenerative agriculture job creation.
  • Support experiential education for veterans interested in continuing to serve by repurposing our skillsets to support the healthy of local communities!
  • Join us by helping to facilitate good stewardship for the restoration and regeneration of our local environments!

Guardian Grange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to protect natural resources, strengthen communities and uplift veterans by inspiring human connection and regeneration to create the infrastructure for soil-based economy that grows synergistically in balance with nature and compassion for humanity. Your donation supports our efforts through stewardship programs, workshops, media communications, community building, restoration and regeneration. Contributions are tax deductible.