The original hand-dug stone well on this property collapsed! Help us meet our current goal to fund the restoration or drilling of a new well if you can!

About this project

Microgrange - Escondido, CA

The Escondido Microgrange is a microcosm of the Guardian Grange vision to provide community spaces that assist veteran healing and skill building while enriching the local environment with activities that regenerate healthy soil.

This space is strategically planted in the backyard of the West Coast Navy SEAL Teams where our founder served his time, but it's also a space held sacred for helping many veterans find healing through nature, community gatherings, and intimate conversations exploring how veterans can not only help each other, but continue to serve our communities and families with reinvigorated passion for life.

We officially launched this project on March 13th of 2022, however we were laying heavy groundwork for some time before that, and we still have a lot of work cut out for us... but that's all part of the healing journey where work in nature for the good of others is a powerful medicine that helps us become stronger and more resilient as part of a community of like-hearted individuals dedicated to improving ourselves and this world together, one step at a time.

In it's fully operational capacity, our Escondido Microgrange will provide a healing garden for the greater San Diego area, along with community events such as art therapy, and trade skills development that could translate into future jobs.


One of the most crucial expenses we need to cover is restoring a collapsed well on the property and setting up a water system so we can irrigate the garden for planting and support lodging for guests and volunteers. This is our current priority on the site and is quoted to cost $25,000 to dig a new well or $50,000 to rebuild the current one.

Other expenses include:

  • Debris clean & haul off
  • Site cut & fill, grading, etc.
  • Solar head pump for well
  • Planter beds
  • 10,000 gallon septic tank
  • Clearing & setting 3 pad locations
  • Electrical upgrade for existing structure
  • Site electrical for outpost structures

If you'd like to sponsor or get more information please contact us here or through our social media under Guardian Grange.

More to follow, so stay tuned to this post for updates, connect with us on social media, and sign up for email newsletter to follow along with our progress and support us as we help transform the world into a more beautiful, healthy, and friendly place one community at a time.


Community Space Orientation & Request for Assistance| Escondido Micro Grange

Episode 3 of building out the Escondido Micro Grange. We're kicking off with an open house orientation event on March 13, 2022. Please RSVP here and SHARE with anyone in the area who might be interested in rolling out for some food, sound and chit chat. [February28, 2022]

3 Reasons WHY we're growing the Escondido Microgrange & the soil-based economy

A brief explanation of what Guardian Grange is all about, and why we're doing what we're doing... to facilitate veteran healing, leverage that healing energy to regenerate our natural environment into balanced & thriving living conditions, and to build family-friendly communities for like-hearted people to serve as seedlings for a decentralized, soil-based economy. [March 4, 2022]

Healing Through Nature & Purposeful Living Pt.2 of 3 Reasons WHY

A Living with purpose and healing through nature is what this is all about. I hope to see you at our Escondido Micro Grange event on March 13, 2022 RSVP here and if not then, I hope to meet you in the future. Thank you & have a blessed day. [March 11, 2022]

Photos from Events at our Escondido Microgrange

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