Helping us grow the soil-based economy

By pledging a multi-year financial contribution, Guardian Benefactors are core supporters who provide strength to our organization's foundation which ensures that we grow regeneratively into the future.

Become a Benefactor

The generous contributions of Guardian Benefactors provide mission-driven funds which ensure the perennial stability of our organizational structure and administration so that our activities can be maximally leveraged to support our programs, provide scholarships to veterans, and build out Guardian Grange initiatives.

We are committed to cultivating philanthropic partnerships with our Benefactors which move beyond monetary donation into strategic funding.

Guardian Benefactors will have opportunities to brainstorm and contribute to our vision while participating in experiences that deepen your connection to environmental, community & individual regeneration.

Guardian Benefactor Levels

Helping to facilitate the regeneration of humanity and our natural environments requires tremendous amounts of work, and sharing your presence and experience in our community can greatly accelerate our impact.

Seed Sower | $10k

Intelligence is knowing that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but wisdom is understanding the next best time is today.

Sprout Protector | $25k

Help us maintain and enrich our programs.

Soil Defender | $50k

Feeding growth of the soil-based economy.

Visionary Mover | $100k

For those who are aware that true wealth is grown in healthy soil and happy communities.

Paradigm Shifter | $250k

For the true believers who wish to empower warrior communities that fight to nourish life, steward natural resources, and defend families.

To begin a conversation about becoming a Guardian Benefactor, please use the form below to contact us

If you have land or property that you'd like to donate, please click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.