Poetry, water

Flowing Waters

By Mark Matzeldelaflor

Flowing waters sing the song of abundant life…

Each drop contains an ocean of wisdom, reborn through energy in motion:

Beating the heart;
Feeding the forest;
Breathing the soul.

The cost of living feeds the whole…

Within our depths, egos die and spirits fly.

Home is where the water is.
Human is where the heart is.

That’s why living waters flood an open heart with love…

The language of natural wisdom is truth.

Artificial intelligence is nothing but illusion.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

About the author

Founder of Guardian Grange, a veteran-powered regeneration network established to strengthen communities, protect natural resources, and facilitate veteran healing through environmental stewardship and regenerative agriculture. His vision is growing a decentralized network of permaculture communities to create a soil-based economy that benefits humanity and our natural environments with local community action inspired by a holistic ecological perspective.


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Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters
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