Land & Property Donations

Guardian Grange provides purposeful stewardship opportunities for veterans to protect natural resources, regenerate land and foster empowered local communities.

Simple Process - Maximum Tax Deduction

Eliminate Hassle

Offload your unwanted land with our simple donation process.

Reduce Expenses

Stop paying property taxes & fees for land you won’t use.

Save Taxes

Receive a tax deduction for the appraised value of your land

A land or property donation to Guardian Grange is the simplest way to provide long-term regenerative protection to the environment and local community, while supporting veterans and receiving tax benefits in the form of income tax deductions, relief from property taxes and possible estate tax benefits.

What We Do

Guardian Grange leverages a stewardship model to provide natural healing pathways for veterans through environmental restoration and regenerative agriculture. We cultivate purpose and create opportunities that empower individuals to grow in naturally balanced communities because we believe that one of the greatest roles humans can play in this life is to be good stewards of our natural environments.

Land owners who understand the tremendous amount of work it takes to care for land, considering such needs as fire mitigation & improving soil health, will appreciate our model of active stewardship which focuses on creating synergy from active human livingry balanced within natural environments.

Instead of selling to those who would destroy or exploit the land, consider donating your land to Guardian Grange, supporting our regenerative effort to grow the soil-based economy.

Donate Your Land or Property In a Few Easy Steps


Submit the online form below with some basic info about your property.


We’ll review the property to determine if our charity can accept it, and how we can best utilize it.


We’ll contact you to discuss options, handle paperwork & move toward closing in an efficient manner.

We Accept Land & Property Donations Nationwide

Vacant Land

Empty land is a prime candidate for donations. Whether you bought it at a tax sale, for investment or received it as a inheritance, Guardian Grange can make use of it.

Developed Property

No matter if it's commercial, residential, multi-family, or single units, these property types may still be a fit.

Property with High Maintenance or Zoning Issues

You may be able to avoid the high cost and hassle of maintaining such properties. Land with zoning issues may also be of value to the Guardian Grange.

Fill out the form below, and LET’S DISCUSS how DONATING land might be THE RIGHT OPTION FOR YOU.

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There are no utilities on or around the land. Will you accept the donation?

Yes, however each property will need to be evaluated on an individual basis.

Will you accept land that has a lien or mortgage?

Possibly. Every property will be evaluated based on a total assessment. Fill out the form above this section so we can take a look, and we will get back to you with an answer.

How does Guardian Grange determine the approval of a land or property donation?

We review each property donation offer we receive to ensure that our charity can benefit from the donation. We analyze a variety of different factors to creatively maximize the potential for every property donation.

What tax benefits will I receive by donating my land to charity?

As a general rule, you can claim the full appraised value of a donated property. However, you should consult your tax advisor for details.

How long does the process to donate property take?

If all papers are in order, and the title is clear of any issues, the process be completed as soon as 3-6 weeks.

What does Guardian Grange do with the donated land or property?

Whenever possible, we will hold land to grow food, maximize soil health and facilitate nonprofit programs. However, depending on the property type, condition, location, and other factors, we may need to resell it to generate revenues that our charity can use for working capital on other properties, or to fund programs.