Meet Our team

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Founder & CEO

Mark grew up in the backwoods of New Hampshire where his love for adventure led him to serve as a US Navy SEAL. After leaving the military, he reconnected with the healing power of being immersed in nature, and founded Guardian Grange to inspire peace and purpose through environmental stewardship and regenerative community building.

Joseph Sarapochillo

Project Manager

A transplant from New Jersey to the west coast, Joe is passionate about hunting, spear fishing and being a loving father to his children. An experienced construction manager and COO on industrial projects who is dedicated to service and natural community living, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge to the Guardian Grange Team.

Robert Sweetman

Director of Operations

An entrepreneur in his 20s, Robert decided to join the Navy at 29 to become a SEAL. During service he suffered a back injury which was recommended for a surgery that he chose to walk away from to pursue a natural holistic healing path. Along the way, he became a sleep scientist and joined Guardian Grange as a living testament to our work.

Sebastian Schell

Policy & Communications Manager

Sebastian grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California and has sought to keep the land and food tied to his personal and professional life ever since. He currently works as a food scientist and is an avid gardener and hunter.

Charidie Timberman

Communications & Marketing Director

Charidie is passionate about effective communication, engagement and branding. Her experience in the corporate and education spaces as both a teacher and salesperson brings a unique skill to our team that is only outshined by her love and devotion to being a mother.

Laura Sarapochillo

Herbalilst & Plant Advocate

Laura studied and worked with the Berkeley Herbal Center for more than a decade, sharing knowledge and experience in Clinical Western Herbalism, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Neoclassical Pulse Diagnostics and Visceral Manipulation. She plants seeds with her insatiable curiosity to better understand the age-old love story between humans and plants.

Timothy Scott

Digital Media Director

Tim grew up in Louisville, KY and is passionate about optimizing brain health. He loves the creative side of digital media, and creating clear paths of communication linking various digital media sources into an organized flow.

Phil Horn

Programs Manager

Phil grew up in New York, where he spent time hunting in the upstate area. When he isn’t travelling, cooking or growing food, he’ll usually be out hunting or fishing somewhere.

William Overin

Digital Marketing Strategist

Navy veteran, and data-driven digital marketing strategist specializing in business & web analytics, modeling, email, media, and search engine marketing with unique experience across a broad range of disciplines. William is passionate about optimizing natural health & nutrition.

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