Meet Our Advisors

Seneca Scott

Community Organizer

Seneca has negotiated improvements to wages & conditions for thousands of workers in Oakland since 2012. When he moved to the Lower Bottoms, he fell in love with the community for its independent spirit & love of nature, co-founding Bottoms Up Community Gardens & Oakhella to help bring Oakland Neighbors closer together through food, culture & nurturing healthy environments with multi-generational appeal.

Shane Norte

Native Spiritual Leader

Shane is is the keeper of Wamkish ceremony on the La Jolla Indian Reservation and founder of Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth. He is enrolled in the Morongo Band Of Mission Indians, and has blood-ties to the Paiutes, Lakotas, Serranos, and Luisenos. Shane has stood on the frontlines of Standing Rock & Oak Flats to protect sacred lands from destruction. His mission is to help people become better human beings on this earth.

Julia "Butterfly" Hill

Environmental Activist

At the age of 23, Julia ascended into the canopy of a 1,500 year old giant redwood tree named Luna where she lived for 738 days until an agreement was made to spare the ancient tree. Julia is one of the most internationally recognizable figures in environmental activism, having lobbied congress, addressed the United Nations, stood on the front lines of environmental issues, and received many prestigious awards & distinctive honors.

Loren Luyendyk

Permaculture Designer

Loren has more than 17 years of experience operating a permaculture design & land management business where he designs & installs permaculture systems for residential & farm lands. His teaching has taken him across the US & around the globe from central America to New Zealand & Australia where he spent time sharing & learning with local cultures. His goal is to increase the visibility and professionalism of permaculture globally.

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