What is Guardian Grange About?

Guardian Grange is a veteran-powered humanitarian and environmental regeneration project founded by a US Navy SEAL combat veteran to protect natural resources, strengthen communities, and uplift veterans with a renewed sense of purpose. Our focus is facilitating individual and community healing through regenerative agriculture, environmental restoration, and other community-focused natural healing modalities that inspire collaborative projects for building and supporting holistically healthy environments.

It is our experience that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is best improved through a balanced and compassionate approach that includes immersion in nature with like-hearted community to serve a higher purpose.

In order to expand the healing power at the heart of Guardian Grange, we are growing a decentralized network of regenerative permaculture communities, and building an infrastructure for what our founder likes to call the soil-based economy. This network provides healing spaces that nurture deep-rooted relationships which will continue to inspire honest, respectful and natural human connection for generations to come. It is our honor and gratitude to continue serving our communities and each other by guiding warriors to find peace in gardens, and reconnecting wild spirits with the wilderness and all of nature's beauty.


The mission of Guardian Grange is to tackle three big problems:

1) The dwindling health of our planet as we lose the natural habitats and biodiversity that are vital for both humanity and our environment.

2) The struggle of too many veterans who have difficulty integrating back into civilian life after years of service and sacrifice.

3) Increasing social tension and globalized economic destabilization.

While all of these issues are substantial, they are also holistically interrelated. The Guardian Grange vision offers an integrative plan to improve each area of focus synergistically.

We are growing a powerful force for good by unifying veterans within a network of diverse communities that are aligned through compassionate focus on the fight to heal one another and our planet with locally inspired activities. By cultivating renewed purpose among veterans who heal each other and create community projects that improve our environment, we leverage a transformative energy recalibrated to fight for the spirit of humanity. From this new perspective of service, we realize deeper meaning for ourselves, and spread good will to others. When we work together to help each other, we transform stagnation and suffering into growth and triumph to enter a new era of reciprocating enlightenment. 


Planet: Restore and reinvigorate the relationship with our environment through projects and strategic partnerships which focus on permaculture design, holistic land management and restoration.

People: Provide veterans with a post-service family-oriented environment that focuses on holistic healing, and building purpose-driven skills in order to reintegrate into civilian life as we grow regenerative communities aligned with the Guardian Grange vision. 


We are fortunate to be living during an extremely prosperous time in human history, yet the world is quickly devolving as people continue to be divided across multiple fronts. There is a massive opportunity to find balance and create more equitable prosperity through the unifying purpose at the core of Guardian Grange.

We exist to instill passion and unite a highly capable network of communities to focus on healing each other and our planet.

Divided we shall surely fall, and there is no better time than right now to unite and work together to improve the world that we will pass on to our children and future generations. 

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