Veteran-Powered Regeneration Network.

We create healing spaces that protect natural resources, strengthen communities and uplift veterans through regenerative work in nature.

Join Guardian Grange in Vista, CA for a Veteran' Day Weekend Aircrete Workshop!

Red Earth Movement

In alliance with Red Earth Movement

What we do

Repurposing veteran skillsets to heal the environment and each other.

Guardian Grange is a humanitarian and environmental regeneration project, founded by a former Navy SEAL to protect natural resources, strengthen communities, and facilitate veteran reintegration with a renewed sense of purpose.


Restore and reinvigorate the land through permaculture development, holistic land management, and biodynamic regenerative agriculture.


Provide veterans with a post-service community and family-oriented environment focused on holistic healing and skill building.


Manifest synergy by developing projects that increase human connection through healing the planet.

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why we do it

The world needs this now more than ever.

We are fortunate to be living during the most prosperous time in recorded human history, yet the world is quickly devolving as people continue to be divided across multiple fronts. There is a massive opportunity to establish balance and create more equitable prosperity through the unifying purpose at the core of Guardian Grange.

Sowing seeds of passion and purpose.

Guardian Grange exist to instill passion and unite a network of communities focused on healing each other & our planet.

Divided we shall surely fall, and there is no better time than right now to unite and work together to improve the world that we will pass on to our children and future generations.

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